Middle Schools

Middle Schools

The goal of the Middle School is to provide students from 7th to 9th Grade with a secure foundation upon which they can build their success in later grades. This is accomplished through AEI values of academic challenge, balanced programming, community harmony, and international understanding.

Dedicated to academic excellence, ethical, physical and social development of young adolescents, our Middle School staff strives to maintain and grow a quality academic program with the right balance of fun and scholastic opportunities. The broad, rich curriculum is designed to instill a love of learning which helps students flourish and become confident, active citizens.


Scholastic Concepts

The scholastic focus of Middle School is designed for 7th to 9th Grade students to facilitate the transition to the High School while leading them to pursue their academic passion. To meet this need, our education programming is divided up into two:


Academic Core

Academic Core lays the groundwork for essential skills and knowledge, consisting of mandatory core classes all students must take such as Math, Science, Literature, English and PE.


Academic Exploration

Academic Exploration is catered towards branching out, cultivating new interests and tapping into unexplored potentials. Course offerings may change every year, but they typically include captivating subjects such as Animal Dissection, Astronomy, Visual Arts, Business Management, and Robotics.