• Nurturing world citizens

    Nurturing world citizens

  • If it matters to parents, it matters to us.

    If it matters to parents, it matters to us

  • Encouraging creativity and independence

    Encouraging creativity and independence

  • Hand in hand, we keep moving forward.

    Hand in hand, we keep moving forward

Lower schools

  Pre-primary Schools    AEI Pre-primary Schools foster a bilingual atmosphere in a happy, safe and stimulating environment. Early age is by far the surest, most rewarding opportunity to build children’s character and provide them with a firm foundation upon which they can build a life. Within an imaginative and inclusive environment, children are encouraged to enquire and experiment. We draw the focus on children becoming creative explorers with a passion for learning whilst acknowledging their right to learn through games and active participation. Accordingly, in AEI Pre-primary Schools, we challenge our children to grow into their true potential. We place the joy of learning and the importance

Middle Schools

Middle Schools The goal of the Middle School is to provide students from 7th to 9th Grade with a secure foundation upon which they can build their success in later grades. This is accomplished through AEI values of academic challenge, balanced programming, community harmony, and international understanding. Dedicated to academic excellence, ethical, physical and social development of young adolescents, our Middle School staff strives to maintain and grow a quality academic program with the right balance of fun and scholastic opportunities. The broad, rich curriculum is designed to instill a love of learning which helps students flourish and become confident, active citizens.   Scholastic Concepts

High Schools

High School The High Schools, welcoming students from 10th to12th Grade, stimulate an engaging and competitive environment, while placing a major focus on University Entrance Exam, which is held at the end of the 12th Grade. With a team of seasoned and specialized teaching professionals, the High Schools offer a wealth of academic and extracurricular activities, which prepares students to think independently, act responsibly and live harmoniously as active world citizens. Scholastic Concepts In line with our educational policy in Middle School, the scholastic focus of High School is designed to equip students from 10th to 12th Grade with the essential knowledge and skills to


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