Beyond the classroom


Classes Without Walls

Not all classes have four walls! Stimulating out-of-the-classroom experiences is an integral part of the learning process and is closely linked to our curriculum. As part of each unit of inquiry, our creative teachers look for opportunities to maximize learning in context through taking full advantage of the town’s cultural sites, galleries, museums and wildlife centers in addition to in-school field trips.
Taking students outside of the classroom environment and having them experience first-hand what they have been learning or what they are going to learn, truly allows for exploration, inspiration and discovery.


Field Trips

Committed to academic and social excellence, we have made our natural and cultural setting in Iran our classroom. Studies have shown that field trips can trigger students’ interest and curiosity while enabling them to socialize and communicate. Students in AEI school enjoy a wide range of field trips throughout the year, with the destination being chosen according to the purpose of the trip.