Lower schools


Pre-primary Schools 


AEI Pre-primary Schools foster a bilingual atmosphere in a happy, safe and stimulating environment. Early age is by far the surest, most rewarding opportunity to build children’s character and provide them with a firm foundation upon which they can build a life. Within an imaginative and inclusive environment, children are encouraged to enquire and experiment. We draw the focus on children becoming creative explorers with a passion for learning whilst acknowledging their right to learn through games and active participation. Accordingly, in AEI Pre-primary Schools, we challenge our children to grow into their true potential. We place the joy of learning and the importance of character building at the heart of the education to create a springboard for their learning journey ahead.





Primary Schools



 We strive to make each day at our Primary Schools packed with creative and thought-provoking learning opportunities. As a bilingual school, we appreciate and celebrate the best of Persian and world cultures. There is a family feel and a supportive, caring environment to help children feel integrated, happy and valued.

We provide learning opportunities that help our students become global minded, creative and collaborative. To prepare students for a truly global world, our bilingual environment provides numerous opportunities for children to gain exposure that will enable them to communicate with people from different parts of the world effectively and productively.  

In the Primary Schools, we place particular emphasis on developing the whole child and pay time and attention to children’s intellectual and social development throughout their primary years. The dedicated school staff in our schools go to great lengths to keep our students feel appreciated, valued, and heard. Our children recognize that our expectations of them are high, yet attainable. They rise to the challenge and make us feel proud, elated and gratified every year.