High Schools

High School

The High Schools, welcoming students from 10th to12th Grade, stimulate an engaging and competitive environment, while placing a major focus on University Entrance Exam, which is held at the end of the 12th Grade.
With a team of seasoned and specialized teaching professionals, the High Schools offer a wealth of academic and extracurricular activities, which prepares students to think independently, act responsibly and live harmoniously as active world citizens.

Scholastic Concepts

In line with our educational policy in Middle School, the scholastic focus of High School is designed to equip students from 10th to 12th Grade with the essential knowledge and skills to pursue their academic passion. Accordingly, we offer opportunities in the context of Academic Core and Academic Exploration.


Today’s Learners, Tomorrow’s Larders

As students progress through their final school years, they realize they have several choices to make. We will be there to help them picture and move towards the life they want to lead. We offer outside-of-the-box thinking by supporting and encouraging them to try new things, to take part in short-time programs in different countries so as to leave no choice unexplored, and no opportunity unseized while they are entering the world of tomorrows.